Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kami the Movie

Isn't it hard to keep secrets between friends?

"Kami The Movie" tells the story of five teenagers who have been friends since secondary school. Abu (Nas-T) escapes from juvie when he has only six months before release, just to be reunited with his four other friends. Ali, who is not happy with his job as a travel consultant, has a band called The Disasters. Lynn (Liyana Jasmay), Adii, and Sofie who just finished their SPM papers start on a new journey in life with Abu and Ali. They spend most of the time at underground gigs. Things turn ugly when Boy, a drug dealer whom Lynn used to run errands for in her home town, reappears. Worse, he is also trying to get Lynn's friend to be involved in his dirty work.

This movie somehow reminds me of the old days during secondary school and how going to a late night gig and getting scolded by parents was a very fun thing to do. Most of the scenes are shot in the PJ-KL area. If you are into the underground scene, then you might be familiar with places like Paul's Place in Old Klang Road and The Annexe, Central Market. Local bands such as Plague Of Happiness, Meet Uncle Hussain (they even featured them in this movie!), Bittersweet and Hujan contribute a number of songs in this movie.

The plot of the movie is quite interesting although some people might find it too similar to "Gol & Gincu" and "Goodbye Boys" just because they are Red Films' babies. Nas-T's character is way different from his character in "Goodbye Boys" where he is more of a quiet type of person. In this movie, he plays the aggressive yet happy-go-lucky, helpful friend (who also happens to be a thief) with a carefree attitude towards his predicaments. Most of the cast in this movie deliver their characters very well, which makes their acting quite natural, just like how they did it in the TV series.

I'm sure this movie will do fine on the big screen due to the huge following and high ratings of the TV series. I can see girls going all crazy over the "Kami" gang. It might not be as big as "Gol & Gincu" but it will definitely not disappoint.

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