Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tag 3

ni tag drpd ain.
aku kne la jawap kan tag dia ssh or sng pon kan..
i try my best..

1.And..ur name would be?

2.What u doing last night?
watching television

3.what was ur last text message says?
love u n mis u 2..

4.Where are u right now?
in my house

5.Are u listening to music right now?

6.At what age do you think u will ready to get married?
i think 28 kot..

7.When is ur birtday?
13 March 1990[next year i want present]

8.What ur ambition..?
engineer or lecturer..

9.Favourite perfumes?
Body shop kaler hijau kot..

10.What is ur bad habit?
menynyi xkire tmpt..

11.What do you crave for the most recently?
pizza hut..

12.Is there something do you really want it right now?
nokia 6600 slide..[when i can get it]

13.Last thing you eat...
bread with ladychoice

14.What thing that always spoil your sleep?
bila ada org anta msg n call aku

15.What do you want in ur life?
family yg bahagia..
ingin memiliki duit sendiri..

..kita tgk sape yg kena tag aku ni..

azel azie
cik manis


~cik manis~ said...

ok dear
nnt gue jwb..

amalina binti anuar said...

okey kwn..
thankx ya.

i said...

aik asal aku kn tag????g 1 tag 2 menda pa???hahahahaha (^_\)

amalina binti anuar said...

tag 2 ko kne jawap blik la kan..
ko copy and paste tag aku 2..
k selamat menjawap..

mahsyar90 said...

wah..musim tag kah ni???

EZANsyuhada said...

oke, anda di tagg.
sila ke blog sy sekarangg .

amalina binti anuar said...

mahsyar90 : entah la jawap je la dh kne tag kan..

ezanSyuhada : okey t sye tgk yer..

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