Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rage Guitar Controller Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to pry your PDP Rage wireless guitar controller from your hot, chemically-burned hands.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Performance Designed Products (PDP) have launched a recall on PDP Rage Wireless Guitar controllers for the Nintendo Wii. If the AA batteries the unit requires are installed incorrectly, what PDP describes as a "defect" in the circuit board can cause the batteries to leak, which might lead to chemical burns. The recall is based on a single incident of a customer being burned as a result of the problem.

The guitar controllers were sold throughout the United States from June through December 2008 for prices between $40 and $60; they were available in blue or white. PDP is urging customers to return the guitar controllers to the point of purchase for a complete refund, rather than contacting PDP directly. Customers should not contact Nintendo over the recall.

The AA batteries power the unit's wireless capabilities as well as LEDs in the controller's fret buttons.


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